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Welcome ! We are HermTac .
Rapid prototype & engineering
From TX

We're a group of makers, engineers, artist, designers, inventors and volunteers that have been working together on pandemic responce initiatives. Affectionately known as the "Quaranteam"

Lately we've been been working on COVID Maker challenges for Challenge America & Veteran Health Affairs Innovation Ecosystem

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Our Story From lockdown -> future

March & April

Face Shield

Quickly realized that 50 minute 3D printed face shields nor 2 minute laser shields would meet demand. Challenged ourselves to get shields to under 5 seconds. Designed, developed and started die cutting in 2 days. An incredible force of 50+ volunteers came out to help round the clock till mass manufacturers could retool. Went from no electricity or machines to almost 5,000 per day capacity in a couple weeks. Shared strategy and designs with makerspaces, organizations, universities and manufactures across the country.

  • 5,000 per day
  • Polycarb with brass for infectious desease
  • Die Cut & Eyelets


Ventilator & Flow Sensors

Ventilators are in short supply and can't be produced largely due to the industry standard use of scarce relative barometric pressure sensors in the electronics. Hard to monitor quarantened patients remotely. First prototypes are produced.

  • VHA:IE iEx Award
  • Novel approach of readily available absolute barometric pressure sensors
  • Can be manufactured via mill, laser or 3D printer
  • NEMA, brushless or windshield wiper motors can be used
  • Wireless touch screen designed


Sanitation Station

Entered first competition. Created 432 watt 28" cubic UVC Sanitation Station configurable to ever expanding dimensions using a tesselated panel design.

  • Winner of Veteran Health Affairs Innovation Experiance Award
  • Hopefully obilterates virus and bacteria in less than 10 sec vs 5 minutess
  • Accepted for trial in 3 VHA Innovation Network Sites
  • Testing in Dallas biolab
  • Will find a way to airdrop out of C130 someday


Field Triage Case

Transporting long term care patients to ER for triage is over $2,000 per trip. Designed and setup mass manufacturing for forward traige field testing and tele medicine case in a week. Utilized largest case manufacture in the world with 500,000 sq ft facility, plastics manufacturing and forming all in DFW areal.

  • Save's over $2k in transportation cost
  • Reduces exposure to our Veterans
  • Frees up ER departments
  • 150 cases a day capacity without tooling up
  • Plan to integrate tele medicine electronics and FirstNet data connection into case for continuing care
  • Buy in from Pittsburg system


Mesquite Veterans Memorial

Help build new memorial in time for Veteran's Day!

  • 5-Axis Granite CNC Work
  • Create & sponsor giant 10' granite star of Texas


Emergency Responce Competition

Designed containerized configurable micro factory

  • Wide array of manufacturing machine technologies
  • Recycle plastics and metals for raw materials
  • Eliminate supply chain and create on demand during emergencies


Washington DC

Participate in VHA 3 day Innovation Experiance hosted by the National Press Club

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